Education & Training

It’s an excellent time to be a thought leadership professional.

Although it’s been practiced for decades, thought leadership marketing is still a nascent discipline. Yet it will be in high demand as an increasing number of professional services and other B2B companies recognize its importance to their success and even survival.

Thus, skills in every aspect of thought leadership marketing – strategy, content development, social media, event management and promotion, and more – will be in high demand and short supply.

Buday Thought Leadership Partners will provide best-practice education and training services so others can master the skills we’ve developed since the late 1980s.

Education and Training Offerings

Our services here will take two forms:

  • Best practices conferences: We will co-sponsor with our business partner Rattleback the fifth annual best-practices conference on thought leadership, “Profiting from Thought Leadership.” The conference has featured presenters from McKinsey, Bain & Company, Gartner, Arup, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Bloomberg Business, McGraw-Hill Education, and many other organizations. The 2022 event will be held in November in Dana Point, California or online.
  • Training sessions: We and Rattleback will lead a one-day training session the day before the “Profiting from Thought Leadership” conference. (We’ll have more details on this shortly.) We will also offer other training programs open to the public, as well as company-specific training programs.

Bob Buday has trained thought leadership marketing professionals for more than a decade on the skills that he has developed since 1987. He and his highly accomplished team members can help your organization master the many skills of thought leadership.

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