Comprehensive thought leadership consulting for B2B & professional services firms

Our Impact for You

Buday Thought Leadership Partners is a marketing consulting firm that helps businesses and non-profit organizations get recognition and rewards for their expertise.

It is based on Bob Buday’s four decades of work and consulting on thought leadership marketing to organizations around the world. Bob has assisted a wide range of companies, of many sizes, from Fortune 500 giants to one-person consultancies. They have included Tata Consultancy Services (the $20 billion India-based consulting and IT services firm), AT Kearney, CSC, EY, EYP Architecture & Engineering, FMG Leading (a human capital consulting firm), and EastNets (a banking security software firm).

What You Can Get: Recognition and Rewards for Your Expertise

Thought leadership is not an end unto itself. To compete on the basis of thought leadership, organizations must drive their thought leadership programs with higher goals: greater recognition for their expertise and greater rewards (revenue, leads, higher pricing, etc) are the place to start.

By recognition, we mean the market awareness and brand reputation benefits from being published and mentioned in preeminent journals, producing compelling books, conducting groundbreaking research, posting highly educational content on their websites, giving compelling conference presentations, and promoting their expertise in other thought leadership marketing channels.

By rewards, we mean increases in revenue and profitability from getting recognized for superior expertise. For non-profits, it’s about increasing their impact on the societal issues they address.

Our Core Services

In this website, we explain the services that we and our business partners can deliver for you. They fall under five areas:

For clients who ask for more of these services, the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. This is for two reasons. First, we become much more familiar with your firm and its expertise. That helps us work with you to develop and codify your expertise in much greater depth, which in turn gives you a content quality advantage. Second, you market your content more extensively. A groundbreaking idea reduced to a single white paper is not likely to make a ripple. Those ideas only gain traction when they are brought to market in multiple forms.

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