Comprehensive thought leadership consulting for B2B & professional services firms

Primary Research Studies

The most influential ideas of thought leaders come from extensive primary research that sheds whole new light on complex issues. But unlike firms that will do your research and analysis for you, we work with clients who want a true research partner — a firm that helps their subject experts make sense of the data that we have collected.

That enables the findings to be your firm’s findings — not ours — and thus greatly increases the chances your thought leaders run with them. That’s crucial for getting market recognition.

The principals of Buday Thought Leadership Partners have helped many B2B companies over the last three decades to design, conduct, analyze and capture the findings of dozens of primary research studies. They have been on such topics as digital strategy, business model innovation, the value of enterprise software, the business impact of social media, how large companies are using big data and artificial intelligence, supply chain management, and e-commerce.

We’ll help you understand the “white space” on the topic you have in mind. We’ll then help you and your subject experts formulate a topic and set of hypotheses to explore under-explored facets of that topic.

Next, we design the research, which includes determining how to collect the data (surveys, case study interviews, secondary research, etc.). We’ll then commission the data gathering with a survey panel firm, design the research questionnaires, and conduct the best-practice case study interviews. We’ll also conduct the secondary research.

After we’ve collected all the data, we’ll create an internal presentation with first-level analysis (including initial hypotheses confirmed or dispelled, and new hypotheses). We’ll then work with your subject experts to raise the initial analysis to a much greater level of novelty and insight— to point out initial counterintuitive findings, and work with them to further develop those findings.

Primary research is the core building block of the most successful thought leadership campaigns. We can help you design and execute thought leadership studies that produce groundbreaking findings. We can then help you capture those findings powerfully and bring them to market.