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Competing on Thought Leadership by Robert Buday

About the Book

Competing On Thought Leadership by Robert Buday

“Thought leadership” is now a core part of the business lexicon. Numerous corporate websites devote whole sections to it. Entire conferences are built around it (TED and the World Economic Forum as the most exclusive ones). It’s at the center of sophisticated, high-ticket PR campaigns. Thousands of people are making careers of it. And companies from Fidelity Investments, Adobe and Cigna to PwC, Accenture and Spotify have people in charge of it.

Interest in the field of thought leadership is white hot — just like the buzz created by illustrious thought leaders when they bring groundbreaking ideas to market. So it’s about time the topic of thought leadership itself got a substantive treatment.

In Competing on Thought Leadership, Robert Buday boldly delivers it. He defines thought leadership concretely: as the acclaim that a firm or a person earns for developing, marketing and delivering superior expertise in solving complex customer problems. And he defines it broadly — as a business strategy, not just a marketing strategy.

About the Author

Since the late 1980s, Bob Buday has been regarded as a pioneer in the theory and practice of thought leadership — well before the concept became widely adopted and loosely interpreted. He and his team at his new firm, Buday Thought Leadership Partners LLC, collectively bring decades of experience in helping business-to-business companies become widely recognized and richly rewarded for their expertise.

Bub Buday
Robert Buday, Buday Thought Leadership Partners LLC

Advance Praise

“Thought leadership is the engine that drives the early adoption of disruptive innovations. It inspires visionary customers not only to embrace a new paradigm but to set aside budget to incorporate it into their future plans. Competing on Thought Leadership is an essential guide to navigating this challenging terrain.”​
Geoffrey Moore
Author, Crossing the Chasm and Zone to Win
"Content matters! This practical book lays out clear, specific steps to achieve thought leadership and build a business on it. "
Ram Charan
Global Advisor to CEOs and Best-selling Author
“Every company that’s trying to create disruptive change in the marketplace needs to be seen as a thought leader today. Thought leaders are crucial to getting an audience to see and solve their problems in a very different way. Thought leaders ignite that change. Robert Buday shows you step-by-step exactly how to make thought leadership a winning business strategy.”
Charlene Li
New York Times bestselling author of The Disruption Mindset and Founder of Altimeter
“Bob Buday was one of the inventors of thought leadership for professional services firms—a master practitioner—who since then has taught what he knows and is still learning—a master instructor. This is a very smart book. It gives practical advice about how to use thought leadership to compete, and it is as clear-eyed about how things go wrong as it is sharp-eyed about how to succeed.”
Thomas A. Stewart​
Chief Knowledge Officer, AchieveNEXT and former editor in chief, Harvard Business Review​

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