Everything Thought Leadership: Video + Podcast Series

Our video + podcast series, “Everything Thought Leadership,” explores how to develop, deliver and create demand for superior expertise, and by doing so to accelerate financial growth and customer success.  It features discussions with well-known business thought leaders, as well as the people who have helped them achieve widespread market recognition. These people work in thought leadership research, marketing and service delivery in B2B organizations of all types: management consulting, software, IT services, financial services. Our goal is to make this video podcast series the must-watch and must-listen place to go for organizations that compete on thought leadership, their thought leaders, and the people who have helped them get there.

Video + Podcast Series

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Episode 6: Industry Evangelist and Thought Leader Julio Gomez

Our sixth episode of “Everything Thought Leadership” features a discussion between COO of Buday Thought Leadership Partners Alan Alper and Julio Gomez, founder of Gomez Advisors, which later became part of the multimillion-dollar global software firm​ Dynatrace. Among his accolades, Julio was voted one of Time Magazine’s “50 Most Influential

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Episode 5: Former Deloitte Consulting CMO Jonathan Copulsky

In this 5th episode of “Everything Thought Leadership,” Bob Buday talks with special guest Jonathan Copulsky — former Chief Marketing Officer of Deloitte’s US consulting business, author of the book “Brand Resilience” and co-author of “The Transformation Myth,” and a marketing lecturer for Northwestern University. Copulsky spent two decades at

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Episode 4: Alan Alper, Buday TLP Principal and COO

Alan Alper, who played a key role in helping Cognizant Technology Solutions harness thought leadership to drive rapid growth, joined Buday TLP in late February as principal and chief operating officer. In this new role he’s helping the company accelerate its drive to become the premier thought leadership consultancy. Most recently,

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Episode 3: Data Visualization Expert Bill Shander

For the third episode of “Everything Thought Leadership,” our video + podcast series, Bob interviewed Bill Shander, a thought leader on data visualization. If you’ve visited The New York Times or Washington Post online, or the websites of top consulting firms, you’ve probably seen mesmerizing graphics that depict trends, facts

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Episode 2: HR Guru Dave Ulrich

For the second episode of “Everything Thought Leadership,” our video + podcast series, Bob sits down with Dave Ulrich, an internationally renowned expert on managing people. Dave, a partner in the RBL Group consulting firm, has published over 30 books on leadership, organization, and human resources. These ideas have shaped

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Our First Video + Podcast Guest: Charlene Li

The first episode of our new video + podcast series, “Everything Thought Leadership,” features Bob Buday’s discussion with bestselling author and thought leader Charlene Li. The video, podcast and an edited transcript are below. Charlene has been researching and consulting on how digital technology (especially social media) has been reshaping

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