Comprehensive thought leadership consulting for B2B & professional services firms

Thought Leadership Strategy

Thought leadership marketing has caught on like wildfire in many organizations. The excitement creates opportunity. Greater backing from the top. More people in the company who get involved to be positioned as thought leaders in the marketplace. And more budget for activities that turn your people into market-recognized thought leaders.

Of course, that’s all good. But what’s not good is thought leadership marketing activities in an organization that become fragmented, uncoordinated, and not collaborative. That can lead to chaos, content of grossly uneven quality, conflicting points of view taken to market, and spending on content that addresses only a fraction of the firm’s overall business.

In cases such as this, what’s missing is a high-level, overall thought leadership strategy for a firm (or large practice therein).

Buday Thought Leadership Partners will help you develop your thought leadership strategy. The components of it include:

  • Topic focus: Determining the core client problems that your firm wants to own for the next 1-2 years, as well as percentage of content and content campaigns to devote to each client problem. This will help you prioritize your topics. A firm’s thought leadership strategy must be in line with its overall service strategy.
  • Content quality standards: We produce a clear, objective set of measures by which marketers and internal subject matter experts can shoot for to produce high-quality content.
  • Content development process: Based on your needs, we come up with suggestions on how you should create the content for your campaigns, including which content to base on new primary research and which to base on internal subject experts’ field experience.
  • Overall marketing and business development process: This is a high-level plan of the overall mix of activities necessary to generate awareness, leads and effective sales force responses to those leads. Here we’ll make recommendations on the appropriate marketing and business development mix of activities, based on your company’s existing resources.

We like to begin a thought leadership strategy with an assessment of a client thought leadership activities (brief or in-depth, depending on the client’s need).

The most effective thought leadership programs begin with a clear, practical guiding strategy. We can help your company craft such a thought leadership strategy.