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Everything Thought Leadership: Video + Podcast Series

Our video + podcast series, “Everything Thought Leadership,” explores how to develop, deliver and create demand for superior expertise, and by doing so to accelerate financial growth and customer success.  It features discussions with well-known business thought leaders, as well as the people who have helped them achieve widespread market recognition. These people work in thought leadership research, marketing and service delivery in B2B organizations of all types: management consulting, software, IT services, financial services. Our goal is to make this video podcast series the must-watch and must-listen place to go for organizations that compete on thought leadership, their thought leaders, and the people who have helped them get there.

Video + Podcast Series

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Episode 18: Doug Farren on Building a Research Institute

Doug Farren, managing director of Ohio State’s National Center for the Middle Market, discusses how to build research programs that generate big ideas and marketplace interest. How do B2B organizations build multiyear research programs that generate big ideas and marketplace interest? A number of big ideas have come out of

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Episode 17: Glenn Leibowitz on the Advantage of Writing Well

McKinsey & Company’s Group Head of Communications talks about how thought leaders can write better, the impact of AI writing programs like ChatGPT, and his own quest to become a better writer. How can thought leaders improve their writing? Few people are more qualified to answer this question than Glenn

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Episode 16: Technology and AI Thought Leader Tom Davenport

Tom Davenport is an acclaimed author, writer, speaker, and professor helping businesses embrace major 21st century opportunities in artificial intelligence, analytics, big data, and more. A thought leader whom LinkedIn dubbed as a “Top Ten Voice in Tech” in 2018, Tom has changed the game on how people view the

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Episode 14: Deal Architect Vinnie Mirchandani

Vinnie Mirchandani, founder of technology negotiation and strategy firm Deal Architect, is an effective thought leader in the software, offshoring, and outsourcing spaces of tech. The former Gartner analyst and PwC outsourcing executive has played crucial roles helping companies obtain profitable technology contracts, including some worth more than $5 billion.

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