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Harvard Business Review Articles

Celebrating its 100th anniversary (in 2022), Harvard Business Review is considered one of the most prestigious places for thought leaders to publish on the art and science of management. Since 1989, Bob Buday has helped his clients develop, pitch and publish more than 35 HBR articles, including 30 since 2010 and one in early 2021.

One of them (a 2003 article by Deloitte Consulting, “Bottom-Feeding for Blockbuster Businesses”) made it on the cover of HBR’s print edition. Bob has also co-authored two HBR articles, one in 2003 the other in 1999. This section of Buday TLP’s client successes features most of those HBR articles.

HBR’s reach is broad and at high organizational levels. Its online edition is read by an average 7 million viewers each month (vs. 4 million in 2015). Its social media pages attract more than 25 million followers (five times the number in 2015).