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Pioneer in Thought Leadership Marketing Launches New Firm

HOPKINTON, MASS. —Following a 22-year career as a pioneer of thought leadership marketing as a founder and partner of Bloom Group, Bob Buday has launched a new company whose goals are to broaden the impact of thought leadership marketing and improve people’s skills in the dynamic profession.

Buday Thought Leadership Partners LLC will help B2B companies create greater recognition and demand for their expertise. Bob and his team will also work with select charitable organizations to accelerate adoption of their solutions to societal problems. They’ll do this through the skills they have developed and used to land new management concepts on the cover of Fortune magazine, help clients publish more than 50 articles in prestigious publications (e.g., Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, FT, and Forbes), develop the content for best-selling books, and conduct groundbreaking studies that have been cited widely.

At the core of the firm is the key skill for companies that compete on thought leadership: the ability to create powerful arguments about superior ways to solve big market problems. That skill has been central to Bob’s 33-year career in thought leadership marketing.

Two clients Bob has worked with had the following comments:

  • “Bob has been a true thought leader in the field of thought leadership itself,” says Hank Cardello, a Senior Fellow and Director, Food Policy Center, at the Hudson Institute, a Washington, D.C., think tank and research center. “His strategic insights and skills in helping clients create compelling thought leadership content is a key differentiator, particularly for the non-profit world.”
  • Says Robert Sher, managing director of the consulting firm CEO to CEO, “Bob Buday has taught me and my company a tremendous amount about thought leadership — what it is, what it can do, and how to do it. Since I started working with Bob seven years ago, our revenue has risen 371%. He’s been elemental to the success of my business.”

As a marketing practice, thought leadership has grown substantially over the last two decades. A 2019 survey by Edelman and LinkedIn found that 55% of executive decision makers evaluate companies on the basis of their thought leadership content. Nearly 70% say it’s one of the best ways to assess an organization’s expertise.

“Thought leadership marketing has been my calling for more than 30 years,” says Bob. “I’m really excited to be in sole control of my own firm again. It gives me the opportunity to build my own team; bring broader capabilities in thought leadership strategy, content development and marketing; work with non-profit organizations as well as for-profits; and teach others what I’ve been learning since 1987 and continue to learn.”

Through his work at Bloom Group, Bob became recognized as a pioneer in thought leadership marketing. He has designed and conducted six surveys on thought leadership marketing practices since 2005; co-designed (with Rattleback) the leading conference on the topic (“Profiting from Thought Leadership”), now in its fifth year; and been a featured speaker at a number of conferences.

Bob’s career in thought leadership marketing dates back to 1987, when he left business journalism to become director of marketing at a global management consulting firm (CSC Index). He was a key player in the marketing team that helped turn “business reengineering” into the world’s fastest-growing consulting sector and a household word in the 1990s, and which increased the company’s revenue from $40 million to $200 million in eight years.

He co-founded Bloom Group in 1998 with Bernie Thiel, who in 2009 launched his own thought leadership consultancy (Alterra Group). 


Bob Buday, CEO, Buday Thought Leadership Partners LLC