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A Father/Son Podcast on Thought Leadership Careers

Bob talks with his son John, who graduates from UMass-Amherst in May, about the well-paid opportunities in thought leadership marketing for students majoring in journalism or communications.

For most students considering a career in journalism or communications, helping smart people raise their profile and become recognized as experts is not on their radar. But thought leadership marketing can be a very well-paid and professionally rewarding option for students who find that path and acquire the skills they need to thrive.

Bob’s son John, who graduates from University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a journalism degree in May 2021, produced this podcast interview with his dad. John takes the vantage point of a student exploring career possibilities, and Bob explains the basics of thought leadership marketing, how talented journalism and communications majors can build a career in it, and the comfortable living earned by the people who do it well.


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