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PTL Launches Study on Thought Leadership and Data Visualization

If you’ve been dazzled by the data visualization at leading media companies such as The New York Times digital site,, and National Geographic’s website, do you wonder how they come up with their ideas? How they execute them? And their impact in terms of readership, sharing, and other key metrics?

If you’re like us – thought leadership professionals – you probably do. But exactly how do these and other organizations do compelling data visualization? How do they nurture their ideas? How do they decide how to visualize things? How do their editorial, video, graphic artists, and data visualization professionals work together to come up with and execute great ideas?

Profiting from Thought Leadership (PTL), the education venture of Buday TLP and Rattleback, and data viz guru Bill Shander are launching a sponsored research program for thought leadership people at professional services and other B2B companies. Shander is an expert on data visualization who has helped such organizations as PwC, American Express, the World Bank and the United Nations to bring their data and ideas to life through data visualization.

Our study, scheduled to begin in February, is entitled “Powering Up Thought Leadership Through Data Visualization.” We will codify for thought leadership professionals the key practices of media and other companies that are in the vanguard of data visualization. We will look at the talent they’ve hired, the brainstorming they do with editorial and other professionals, their processes in explaining complex stories, how they nurture creativity and productivity in their teams, and other key facets of excelling at data visualization.

We will then translate these practices into what B2B thought leadership research, editorial and marketing professionals can do in using data visualization to present the complex ideas their companies present.

For more information, download our research prospectus below, or contact John Shannon ( or John Randolph (

PTL Data Visualization Study Prospectus

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