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Debuting January: Our New Video + Podcast Series

In January 2022, Buday Thought Leadership Partners will launch a video + podcast series for companies that compete on thought leadership – i.e., on how to develop, deliver and create demand for superior expertise, and by doing so to accelerate financial growth and customer success.

The series, “Everything Thought Leadership,” will begin with Bob Buday’s video interview with Charlene Li, a renowned expert on leadership of disruptive innovation and the founder of the research company Altimeter Group. Charlene is also the author of six books, including several best sellers.

“Everything Thought Leadership” will conduct subsequent interviews with other well-known business thought leaders, as well as the people who have helped them achieve widespread market recognition. These people work in thought leadership research, marketing and service delivery in B2B organizations of all types: management consulting, software, IT services, financial services.

“Our goal is to make this video podcast series the must-watch and must-listen place to go for organizations that compete on thought leadership, their thought leaders, and the people have help them get there,” says Robert Buday, CEO of Buday TLP.

Episode #1 (January 2022): Charlene Li, Founder of Altimeter Group

In this episode, Bob Buday talks with Charlene about her career (including as a Forrester Research analyst and Altimeter Group founder), and her advice for other aspiring thought leaders.

Watch the trailer previewing this video here.

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