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Episode 8: Author and Thought Leader Tom Stewart

Bob Buday talks with Tom Stewart – business journalist, book author, Harvard Business Review editor and thought leader.

In 1991, Fortune business writer Tom Stewart visited the Cambridge, Massachusetts headquarters of CSC Index to research an article on a new and exciting business concept, business reengineering. His cover article for Fortune would introduce reengineering to the business world at large, and it would become the blockbuster concept for that era and dramatically reshape the consulting industry. Bob Buday, who was working for CSC as its marketing director at the time, got to know Tom during his research.

Over the next 31 years Tom would distinguish himself as a business journalist fascinated by management concepts, a thought leadership professional and a thought leader himself. After writing for Fortune for more than a decade, he left in 2002 to join Harvard Business Review, the most prestigious publication for management advice, as its editor and managing director.

Tom joined the consulting firm Booz & Company in 2008 and worked there for 5 ½ years, rebooting its marketing and knowledge management functions and overseeing its Strategy+Business magazine.  He left in 2014 to become executive director of the National Center for the Middle Market, a think tank at Ohio State University. Most recently he served as Chief Knowledge Officer at AchieveNext, a consulting firm. He is also the author or co-author of four books.

Tom talked with Bob on May 22, 2022 about his roles as a journalist, editor, thought leadership professional and thought leader himself, and his views on the profession.

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