Episode 14: Deal Architect Vinnie Mirchandani

Vinnie Mirchandani, founder of technology negotiation and strategy firm Deal Architect, is an effective thought leader in the software, offshoring, and outsourcing spaces of tech. The former Gartner analyst and PwC outsourcing executive has played crucial roles helping companies obtain profitable technology contracts, including some worth more than $5 billion. He is a speaker on innovation through technology and curator of “New Florence. New Renaissance,” the insightful products and services blog. Beyond software and innovation through technology, the tech contract specialist has advised clients on business decisions regarding the cloud, artificial intelligence, automation, and predictive analytics. Moreover, Vinnie has authored several books tailored for tech executives. These include “The New Polymath,” “The New Technology Elite,” and issues 1-through-3 of “SAP Nation,” all available on Amazon.

In this episode of “Everything Thought Leadership,” Vinnie talks with Alan Alper of Buday TLP about the ways and means of developing thought leadership, the importance of having an independent voice, how he uses case examples and colorful storytelling in his work, and the challenges tech companies face in developing and sharing their thought leadership.

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