‘Competing on Thought Leadership’ Wins IPPY Award

Buday Thought Leadership Partners’ new book has been honored as one of the top 2022 business books by the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

HOPKINTON, MASS. (May 11, 2022) – Buday Thought Leadership Partners new book, “Competing on Thought Leadership: How Great B2B Companies Turn Expertise Into Revenue,” was named this week by the Independent Publisher Book Awards as one of three best business books in 2022 published by independent publishers.

The book, authored by Buday TLP CEO Robert Buday, won a Bronze “IPPY” award in the business book category. The publisher’s group receives about 5,000 entries annually across its 91 non-fiction and fiction categories. Since 1996 when the awards began, more than 5,500 books have won IPPY awards.

The print version of “Competing on Thought Leadership” hit the market this January, and it has been an Amazon.com top 100 seller in the Market Research category. The digital version has been available since last December.

In all, Ideapress Publishing, publisher of “Competing on Thought Leadership,” won six IPPY awards this year, including the Gold award in the business book category. That book was “Empathy in Action,” by Tony Bates and Natalie Petouhoff. The Silver award was won by Stanford Business Professor Charles O’Reilly and Harvard Business School Professor Michael Tushman’s book “Lead and Disrupt,” published by Stanford University Press.

The 2022 IPPY award’s full list can be found here, with the business book category at No. 47.

“Competing on Thought Leadership” is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Contact: John Buday, PR Manager, Buday Thought Leadership Partners LLC

Email: JohnB@budaytlp.com

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